Because, how you can you call it boredom when you are consistently busy being a mom?

     There comes a time in the life of most moms where the routine is so monotonous, that you get bored. The days get longer, the routine gathers more chaos, and you try desperately to just get it right. I have struggled in the past two years since I transitioned from stay-at-home mom to a working mom. It has not been easy. I have spent so much of my energy trying to get it all right; remembering appointments, making dinner, making sure everyone has clean clothes and clean house. I have now entered “momdom”. 

   Some nights you dread going to bed because you know you have to get up and do it again. When a glass of wine before bed has now become wine right after dinner. When you feel like you are screaming and no one can hear you; when in reality, you aren’t screaming because no one will understand why you are screaming in the first place. When summer vacation and Christmas break are exciting to you because you won’t have school activities to run to, or homework to check. This is Momdom.

   Ya know, I used to have my shit together. Now I envy those of Facebook that “appear” to have their shit together. Yes, it may be a fairy tale but I would like a peice of that fairy tale life. If I had a dollar for everything I wanted to accomplish the last two years and didn’t; let’s just say I wouldn’t have to worry about money for awhile. 

    Let me just say that I love my job. And at first, it was an exciting challenge for me to create this organized chaos of life. I had a system. Then it became the same damn thing everyday. It was boring. So I started doing less…and less…until I was down to bare minimum of cleaning, laundry, and cooking. I am now dragging myself around the house because I just didn’t want to do it anymore. Throwing together crap for dinner then getting so pissed when someone wasn’t hungry to eat. I long for eight o’clock to come around so I could put the kids to bed and retire for the evening. This is Momdom.

    I want to do right by my children and my husband. I love them whole hardheartedly and they deserve to have the best of me. But damn, it is exhausting when you go about it the wrong way. If you are the type that can manage your home on the fly…well kudos to you. I, apparently, am not that type. I have to plan. And by plan, I mean actually go through with a plan after making one. When you are stuck in Momdom, it is hard to even make a plan. 

  So what do we do? How do we get out of this rut? How do we become exited about beginning a new day, whatever that may bring? If anyone has an answer, please share. I am still trying to figure that out. 

   For now, baby steps. I will begin with myself. I must find a way to be content with myself before I can give much back to my family. I have made the decision to start writing again, so that jump started my excitement. Do you suffer from Momdom from time to time; or all the time? I would love to hear your story. Together we can come up with a solution. I don’t know about you, but for me; this sucks. I hate the feeling like I am less than myself for my family. We have got to get it together!