30 Day Push Challenge

30 Day Challenge for May!

I am so excited about this challenge. I actually started yesterday so I could get a sneak peak before I shared with all of you. It is called the 30DayPush and it was created by Chalene Johnson. The reason I was excited to find this is because many years ago I ordered this workout program called Turbo Jam and I love it. I still have it and work out with every once in a while. This woman is not only fun to watch but she is very motivating. So as I am searching for my next 30 Day challenge and I come across her name, I knew it would be good. And it has nothing to do with exercising, which after last month, is even better. 

This challenge is to master organization and goal achievement. Now I will be honest, I am a procrastinator. I don’t mean to be. I have very good intentions, however, I need routine to get things done. With a family as large and busy as mine, routine is impossible. I allow myself to get distracted with whatever is going on in my house and don’t give myself the time I need to get my needs taken care of. Not too mention the fact that I have so many goals, that I don’t know how to begin achieving them. So I am super excited to do this challenge and I really hope you join me. Challenges are best completed with support. 

Here is a description of this challenge: 

The only way to achieve success is to make and keep a plan. I will give you the strategies to design the dream-life that you can’t wait to live and I’ll share the methods of realizing the goals to get you there!

  • Master carefully crafted and diligently maintained To-do list.
  • Develop and honor your Priorities.
  • Set, refine and achieve meaningful goals.
  • Accomplish your tasks everyday for unprecedented productivity.
  • Experience unbelievable success in all areas of your life.
  • But best of all, I am going to show you how to make this a habit that you can manage in ten minutes a day! 

Of course this challenge is free. Chalene will send you an email every morning reminding you to complete that days lessons and homework. She also shares a video each day to help keep you on track. I will be listing the homework assignment for each day here on my blog. In order to watch the video, you will need to sign up and receive your own password for access. Sign up now and get started with me! Together we can complete this challenge!! http://www.30daypush.com/

Today’s Homework

Your first assignment is to take a look at these 10 areas of your life and rate each area on a scale of 1-10. 10 being very satisfied, and 1 being dissatisfied. Jot down each of these areas, give them a score, and hold on to this list because it will help you determine where you need to focus.

  • #1: Physical Health
  • #2: Emotional Health
  • #3: Environment
  • #4: Financial
  • #5: Leisure/Fun
  • #6: Friends/Family
  • #7: Significant other
  • #8: Purpose/Career
  • #9: Personal Growth
  • #10: Spiritual Growth

Day 2

Questions or Comments? Sweet! I would love to hear from you!