30 Day Push-Day 18

30 Day Push Challenge-Day 18

Today is a biggie. In order to reach your goals, you must have the confidence to believe you can do so. 

Worrying about how you will be perceived is a waste of energy. Everyone else is so concerned about how they appear, they aren’t even thinking about you! You have the opportunity to wow them with your personality and to comfort others with your confidence. This is where you can really shine.

You will feel more confident when you can rely on your character. When you know that you behave the same way even when no one is looking, you won’t worry that you’re going to fall back on bad habits.

Do your best to look the part. Check your posture, facial expression and body language. Not only will looking confident make others believe you are but you will believe it yourself!


This is a very important day if you need a little confidence boost. A must-watch video! Day 18

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