30 Day Push-Day 19

30 Day Push Challenge-Day 19

Today, Chalene talks about the difference in goals and skills. 

This isn’t going to be easy – but today, you’re going to have to ask yourself if all of your goals are truly measurable and quantifiable goals or if they are really skills that can be learned.  Don’t despair. By achieving your goals, you’re going to acquire the skills. We’re after success – we’re looking for excellence. 

And so we’re going to define our goals with clear markers so that we know when we get there. The skills will come too – because you’re going to have to refine while closing in on your goals. But instead of focusing on the intangible, we’re writing clear, definitive goals and guess what? We’re achieving them! 

Trust me. Today’s challenge is an important one. It’s going to keep you on task. Clear achievable goals are the path to success. And along that path, you’ll master the skills. We’re getting two or three steps closer to our goals every day!

Check out the video here: Day 19

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