30 Day Push -Day 4

30 Day Push-Day 4

Today, Chalene talks about finding your Push goal. The one or two goals that will make it easier for the other goals to fall into place. For me, this is personal growth and finances. Once I have these two thing balanced, all of my other goals will be simple to achieve. What are your push goals?

To learn more about Chalene Johnson and the 30 day push challenge, you can sign up here: 30daypush I cannot stress to everyone how important this challenge is to your life. If you are overweight, behind on bills or in debt, having troubles in relationships, or just feeling a little down, chances are there is some aspect of your life that is out of balance. Chalene does an amazing job in motivating and encouraging you to help get everything back on track. It is free, and worth checking out! 

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