30 Day Smoke Free Challenge

30 Day Challenge

I love 30 day Challenges. I have tried a few over the years. They are very motivating. And they say, “it takes 30 days to make or break a habit.” So the concept of the 30 day challenges are genius.

They have challenges for anything you can think of: fitness, happiness, time management, being positive, etc. So after struggling to quit smoking so many times, I thought trying a 30 day challenge to quit would be more motivating. However, I couldn’t find one. 

My struggle

I have been addicted to smoking since I was 15. Twenty years now. I have tried to quit so many times over the years, only to make the excuse that it wasn’t the right time. So after turning 35 this year and realizing that we spend over $2500 on cigarettes last year, I knew it was time to make a change. I could no longer continue to let these things control my life. 

So I read the books: “Easy Way to Quit Smoking” by Allen Carr and “The Smokefree Way” by Tamir Tugal. Both are amazing books and so very motivating. I recommend them highly. During my read throughout the books I was so anxious to finish the book and begin my life smoke-free. I smoked my last cigarette feeling ready and great. It lasted a day…or less. I don’t think my mind was right, or I just didn’t want it bad enough. However, I will be reading them again during this challenge. 

The hardest part for me is the fact that my husband smokes. And while he tries to be supportive and not smoke around me, the mere fact that he has cigarettes in his possession is enough to make me smoke. I am fine if I don’t have any. Apparently, I am a firm believer in, “smoke ’em if you got ’em!”

The 30 Day Smoke free Challenge


30 day smoke free challenge


I created this challenge for myself. I will be beginning in a few days and I will post this for the world only if it works for me. I am very optimistic. I have to be, nothing else has worked so far and this has proven to be the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Saying “no” is just hard. And let’s face it, quitting cold turkey works for some, but not for everyone.

The purpose of this 30 day challenge is to trick your brain into thinking you are in control of your smoking addiction. We are aware, by now, that nicotine has taken over control of our lives and causes our brain to tell us when we need to smoke. Sure, we can smoke when we want but let’s be honest. After a while of not smoking, our brain sends us signals telling us we are late for a meeting with our “friend”.

So in this challenge we will take it day by day, writing down our smokes and our urges until there is nothing left by the end of the 30 days. I have learned that no matter what you are going through, it always helps to write it down and get it out of your mind. Everyday I will give you some tips to help with the urges and something to write about. Remember, it is about taking it one day at a time. 

What you will need for this challenge: 

  • An open mind
  • The willingness to quit smoking forever
  • The ability to follow directions
  • A notebook or journal to keep daily. You will need to keep this close by to write in often.
  • A quit date. At the end of the 30 days, you will be smoke free. You don’t have to start at the beginning of the month. If easier for you, be sure you don’t have an overly stressful event at the end of your 30 days. 

Remember: You do not need to smoke to get through a stressful moment. But we will get to that as it comes. 

Be Accountable! Leave a comment below today, and every day you complete this challenge! It helps you to become accountable for your action and a great way to stay on track! 

Remember, we are here to support and motivate each other. So leave a comment on your progress daily. I will  help you as much as I can!!!


Whenever you are ready to get started, begin here: Day 1

My contact info: 

I am truly here to support you through this journey. So if you need anything you can reach me.

Email: nacolemans@outlook.com






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