Smoke Free-Day 1

 30 Day Smoke Free-Day 1


smoke free day 1

This day will be easy. So you can take a sigh of relief. Let me start off by saying a big CONGRATS to you for beginning this challenge. You, much like 70% of all smokers, truly want to quit. Maybe you have tried before and failed. You were down but not out. So let’s begin!


Today, we are going to smoke like we normally do. Making no changes to the habit. 

But, you have to use your notebook/journal to write down every cigarette you smoke from the time you got up, to the time you go to bed. Every one…this is very important. 
  • Record the time you smoked and what triggered it. Was it stress, routine, or boredom. Be sure write in your notebook that today is your Day 1! Keep this notebook close because you will be using it very often over the next 30 days. 
  • We are not tracking a true day (24 hours). Unless you get up and the middle of the night to smoke, then go back to bed; night time is not important. We are recording ALL cigarettes from the first one in the morning to the last one before bed. 
Tomorrow we will begin cutting back a little.

**Important*** Do not smoke that morning smoke until you read Day 2!!!

Let’s go….Day 2

Questions or Comments? Sweet! I would love to hear from you!