Smoke Free -Day 12

 30 Day Smoke Free-Day 12

Smoke Free-Day 12

Keep holding out as long as you can, “NOT RIGHT NOW”!! By Day 14 we need to be down to 1/4 of the amount smoked on Day 1. So don’t give in now, keep pushing those urges until they are gone!

Instead of Smoking: 
  • Meditate- Meditation is simply sitting in a relaxed position, breathing deeply, and thinking of nothing except your breathing. Focus is key, and this is a great way to clear those thoughts of smoking!
  • Yoga/Tai Chi/Exercise- Find some sort of Physical activity that makes you feel great and releases those urges to smoke! 
  • Get a new look- Quitting something like smoking is really about changing everything you have been for so many years. You should get a new look to go with your new lifestyle! Look and feel amazing!!
  • Gratitude- Make a list of everything you are grateful for. Be sure to include your health, because even though you have been slowly poisoning your body over the years, you are still alive. So be thankful!
  • Light A Candle-  Instead of lighting up, why not light something that actually smells good?!!
Keep tracking every cigarette and why you smoked it.
Today in our notebook:

I want you to “list activities and place you associate with smoking.” 

Did you know? Smokers as young as 18 years old have shown evidence of developing heart disease.

Tomorrow is really time to crack down and get real…...Day 13

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