Smoke Free-Day 19

30 Day Smoke Free-Day 19

Smoke Free-day 19

 I really  hope by now you are gaining confidence in being smoke free. It is difficult to imagine for many smokers, but it is not impossible. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Positive Affirmations: 
  • ” I deserve my freedom from smoking!”
  • “I am a calm and relaxed non-smoker!”
This will be the last day we track our cigarettes. By tomorrow, we have to be down to less than FIVE cigarettes a day! 
Break out the notebook.

Today, “what has been the toughest to overcome? What will you do to overcome it?”

Did you Know?

Contrary to popular social belief, it is NOT illegal to smoke tobacco products at any age. Parents are within the law to allow minors to smoke, and minors are within the law to smoke tobacco products freely. However, the SALE of tobacco products is highly regulated with legal legislation.

Remember, failure is not an option! Let’s get to Day 20....

Keep commenting below each day you succeed!!

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