Smoke Free-Day 2

30 Day Smoke Free-Day 2: 


Important-Do not smoke when you get up!!!!!!!

Smoke free Day 2

It is time to begin our challenge. You must hold out as long as you can before smoking that first smoke of the day! Remember, you are beginning to retrain your mind from the control of nicotine. 

So you your mind will tell you to go smoke at that normal time in the morning. You have to begin saying “NOT RIGHT NOW!!!!” Say it again, and again, as many times as it takes. 

Instead: Get out your notebook. Go through every cigarette you wrote down yesterday and look at your labels. You probably have 4 main labels:  

  • Routine
  • Stress
  • Food (instead of or after eating)
  • Boredom

So, today we need to think about how we can overcome each of these labels. 

  • Change your routine
  • Understand that smoking does not help in a stressful situation-the stress will still be there after the cigarette is gone. Begin learning to handle stress without. THiS IS A MUST!!!
  • Never choose smoking instead of eating. If this is a problem for you, drink water instead. After eating, chew gum, chew on a toothpick, a DumDum sucker…something else.
  • If you are bored, find something to do….smoking really doesn’t relieve boredom.


Work really hard on delaying every cigarette. As soon as your mind tells you to go smoke, you tell it, “NOT RIGHT NOW!! Yes you can smoke, it is okay to. But try to hold out as long as you can. 

Keep tracking every cigarette. You should have less than yesterday! Celebrate that!


Write in your notebook: “When and Why did you start smoking?”

Awesome Smoke Free-Day 2!!!


Trivia:  Why are cigarettes white?

Trees are brown. Paper comes from trees. Cigarettes are rolled in white, bleached paper. You are smoking bleach. Smokers need detoxification help when they quit, especially to get bleach and pesticide out of their cleansing organs, like their kidneys, their pancreas and their liver. You cannot live without these vital organs. Big Tobacco knows this. Nutrition is the “Yellow Brick Road” to freedom from the commercial cigarette chemical “hangover.” (

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