Smoke Free-Day 20

30 Day Smoke Free-Day 20

Smoke Free-Day 20

 We are down to our last 10 days!! Today we need to talk about support. 

Every one of the numerous times I tried to quit, I refrained from telling anyone because if I failed, I would be embarrassed. Especially to non-smokers because they don’t understand why we can’t just stop smoking. 

I realize now, what I was missing was support. My husband still smokes, but tries his best to be supportive. However, he has heard me say that I was quitting too many times over the years, so it is hard for him to believe it. 

Social media can make a big impact. Everyday you are smoke free-announce it! All you have to say is, ” I didn’t smoke today!” Just one person saying “Congrats” can make a difference. 

Positive Affirmations: 
  • “I vow not to smoke today!”
  • “I am accepting a smoke-free life with open arms!”
Reward yourself every hour you don’t smoke!!

Write something positive in your notebook each hour or drop some change in a jar!

Today I want you to write, (and I may be glad I can’t see this), 

“How do you feel about me for taking you on this journey?”

Did you Know?

The U.S. states with the highest percentage of smokers are Kentucky (28.7%), Indiana (27.3%), and Tennessee (26.8%), while the states with the fewest are Utah (11.5%), California ( 15.2%), and Connecticut (16.5%).

The time is coming soon…..Day 21!

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