Smoke Free-Day 22

30 Day Smoke Free-Day 22

Smoke Free-Day 22

 Don’t stop now. You can do this. There is not one person that deserves that horrible life that smoking creates. You deserve so much better-and you can get there!!

Positive Affirmations: 
  • “I choose freedom over addiction!”
  • “My heart is getting healthier every day I don’t smoke!”
Keep rewarding yourself every hour you don’t smoke. Celebrate!
Today in your notebook, write about this:

IF you have started a reward fund for not smoking, what will you buy as your reward? Will you save a month or save for a year?

Did you Know?

Smokers often smoke after meals to ‘allow food to digest easier’. In fact, this works because the bodies priority moves away from the digestion of food in favor of protecting the blood cells and flushing toxins from the brain.

Get it done…on to Day 23

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