Smoke Free-Day 23

30 Day Smoke Free-Day 23

Smoke Free-Day 23

 By now you should be down to only a few per day and working hard to eliminate those. If you are Vaping with your 0 nicotine vape pen, you may have already cut all the cigarettes out! Just don’t stop now! Keep up the great work!

Positive Affirmations: 
  • “I repel cigarettes, and smoking does not attract me anymore!”
  • “I am now happier, healthier, and relaxed!”

Remember, say these often and believe in what you are telling yourself!

Keep rewarding every hour you are not smoking!
This is important to add to your notebook writing: 

Make a list of those who support you! Remember there are great support groups on social media as well! And…of course me. 

Did you Know?

Some people (mostly males) can be aroused by the sight of smoker smoking (usually females). This is called the Smoking Fetish, and affects a small number of the population. As with most fetishes, the reason for this arousal can usually be traced back to incidents in childhood. However, cigarettes – particularly menthols, force blood away from the penis if smoked while aroused.

Keep it strong….keep moving forward….on to Day 24

Remember to keep accountability! Comment below your list of supporters!

Questions or Comments? Sweet! I would love to hear from you!