Smoke Free-Day 24

30 Day Smoke Free-Day 24

smoke free-day 24

Can you believe that in 6 days, or less for some of you, you will be smoke free? Imagine what your life will be like; no more worrying constantly if you have smokes, or being restricted by where you go because you want to smoke. No more being embarrassed because you know how bad your clothes smell, no more being anxious about getting that smoke break. 

Freedom is the only way to happiness for a smoker!
Positive Affirmations: 
  • “I am proud to be a quitter!”
  • “Gaining my freedom from smoking feels amazing!”
Reward yourself and celebrate each hour!!! Hours turn into days into weeks, into months, into years!
Today, in your notebook:

Write about the emotional roller coaster you are on while not smoking! 

Did you Know?

The immune systems of smokers has to work harder every day than non-smokers. As a result, a smokers’ blood will contain less antioxidants, although a smokers immune system may be quicker to respond to virus attacks due to its more active nature.

Keep on, keepin on….Day 25

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