Smoke Free-Day 28

30 Day Smoke Free-Day 28

smoke free-day 28

 One day closer to the end, just another day smoke free. Breathe a sigh of relief and take another deep breath for your lungs, they deserve it! Suck in the fresh air!

Recovery from nicotine addiction is a process of gradual release over time.

Every smoke free day you complete is teaching you how to live your life without cigarettes. Bit by bit, you’re reprogramming your responses to the daily events that trigger the urge to smoke.

You are doing this for you and so your loved ones can have you in their lives for a long time. Feel good about the choice you have made to quit!

Reward yourself every hour you don’t smoke, give yourself a little more if you feel excited about your decision!
We have to keep writing in our notebook!

“Make a list of any physical and emotional changes you feel now.”

Did you Know?

Sugar approximates to roughly 20% of a cigarette, and many diabetics are unaware of this secret sugar intake. Also, the effect of burning sugar is unknown.

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