Smoke Free-Day 29

30 Day Smoke Free-Day 29

Smoke Free-Day 29

 The first year without smoking is all about firsts…experiencing the many daily events in your life smoke free for the first time. And it’s all about practice. You built your smoking habit through years of practice. Now, build the nonsmoking you the same way. Practice is a necessary part of recovery from nicotine addiction, so try to relax and let time help you. The more of it you put between yourself and that last cigarette you smoked, the stronger you’ll become.

Along with using patience and time to help you reprogram your associations with smoking, you must also alter the way you think about your cigarettes. The path to permanent freedom has to do with changing the relationship you have to smoking, and the way to make that mental shift is through education.

Remember, you have been telling your mind this whole month that you don’t need to smoke, so the transition will be much smoother for you. 

This is why cold-turkey quitting doesn’t work for everyone. For some smokers, it is more mental than anything else. However, we squashed that part, didn’t we!! Time for smooth sailing from here….

Don’t stop with the rewards, take it an hour at a time….you will get through without any problems!
I want you to write a letter to the last cigarette you smoked. Let it know how much it stinks, how dangerous and harmful it is, and how much you hate it for ruining your life. You are so happy to get rid of it!

Did you Know?

The interested fact about smoking is that Brazilian people invented Smoking 2000 years ago by rolling tobacco leaves in a paper

About 10 million cigarettes are sold every minute and ironically someone dies every eight second in this world from smoking related diseases.

Onto our final day together! Day 30!

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