Smoke Free-Day 3

30 Day Smoke Free-Day 3: 

Smoke free-day 3

How was day 2? A little easier than you thought, I hope. The key is to hold out as long as you possibly can before you smoke. Today we will do the same. 

Remember, hold out for the first morning smoke as long as you can. Eat some breakfast first, even just a piece of toast. I personally am not a breakfast person. But if I at least get some toast or a bagel in me, I do actually feel better about starting my day. 

Check your smokes yesterday: Take a look back and count your smokes yesterday. Record the amount. Remember, everyday you smoke less than the day before is a huge accomplishment. It means you are learning ways to deal with urges. 

Instead of reaching for that smoke: 

  • Read a book- I gave you 2 great reads already! Those are the only books I am reading right now. I don’t care how many times I read them!!
  • Give the dog a bath- Don’t have a dog? Wash something….
  • Go for a walk- Get some real fresh air! Walk around the yard and just smell how clean the air really is without a cloud of smoke around you!
  • Take a Nap-  Take a little cat nap. 15-30 minutes, tops, will really do you some good
  • Take a Bath- Just relax. 

Remember- the urge will only last 3-5 minutes. Take a deep breathe and keep telling your mind, “NOT RIGHT NOW!”

**Keep tracking every cigarette and the trigger in your notebook.

**Also answer this question: What public places can you smoke in? What places do you avoid because you can’t smoke?

Trivia: Besides nicotine, what makes cigarettes so addicting?

The addiction isn’t to nicotine, it’s to relief from the central nervous system overload of heavy toxins that are trapped inside of tar, which is trapped inside both lungs, and the vicious cycle that ensues by smoking another “stogie.”

Learn more:

You are doing great!! See you tomorrow for Day 4.

Questions or Comments? Sweet! I would love to hear from you!