Smoke Free-Day 4

 30 Day Smoke Free-Day 4 

Smoke Free-Day 4

Only 4 days in and we are already making progress! Be proud of every day you succeed!

Remember, if you have a bad day, where you smoke more than the day before. Record it in your notebook! Look back on that and figure out what went wrong. What made you smoke more? What can you do to not let that happen again. 

This will be the toughest road you will ever be on. However, you will never find a road more worth taking!!

Instead of Smoking: 

  • Listen to music- Music can be so uplifting. Often we don’t realize it. Crank up the tunes. Just one song will last as long as an urge to smoke…so ride it out with a great song!
  • Ladies, give yourself a mani/pedi- Simply painting your nails will help calm you and allow you to focus on something else!
  • Watch a movie- Sit down and relax. Watch a movie and vow to not smoke until it’s over! This gives you 2 hours of not smoking!!
  • Bake cookies- Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh-baked cookies! If you are health conscience, look up a recipe for healthy cookies. They will smell and taste great!!
  • Do a puzzle- Crossword or jig-saw puzzle. Whatever you enjoy! has some fun puzzles with a large variety of difficulties. 
Keep tracking every cigarette and what triggered them.
Also, in your notebook, answer this question: “Why do you want to quit smoking?”
Keep telling yourself, “NOT RIGHT NOW!!” 

Trivia: How do tobacco leaves contain poison?

Most tobacco is GMO, genetically modified in a lab, so the bug killer and weed killer is put in the seeds, then grows INSIDE the plant, and so tobacco can also withstand more topical RoundUp and bug/worm killer, making commercial tobacco a pesticide bonfire of carcinogenic poison loaded up in every puff.

Learn more:

Until tomorrow….Day 5

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