Smoke Free-Day 5

 30 Day Smoke Free-Day 5

smoke free-Day 5

Let’s keep moving! We are doing well and not stopping now!

Instead of smoking: 
  • Breathe deeply- The reason you get the calming feeling when you smoke is because with every drag, you are breathing from your diaphragm deeper than you normally do. So anytime  you feel tense or stressed from lack of nicotine, try this: Put your hand on your stomach. Breathe in and push your stomach out. As you exhale, allow your stomach to fall back into place. Do this 3 times. Urge over….
  • Drink Ice Water- I am not sure why this helps. It does, just not sure why. The colder the water the better, I think. 
  • Give someone a hug- This is a good one. I don’t care where you are or who you are with. If you feel the urge to smoke, grab someone and hug them. Make it a 3 Mississippi hug…you will feel much better.
  • Suck on some candy- Peppermints or cinnamon candies work very well. They excite your senses and really help the urge disappear.
  • Lotion up- Really lather the lotion on your hands! Rub and rub and rub. Once you get the lotion all rubbed in, the urge to smoke will have passed!
Keep tracking those smokes and what triggered them.
In your notebook:

            List your health/beauty problems and issues. So many issues are caused by smoking. Especially when you have been smoking for many years. Let’s write them all down and you when you have been smoke free for a month and longer, you can go back and see what has improved! Maybe take a before picture and put it in your journal. 


Trivia: Why does it take up to 15 years for a cigarette filter to disintegrate?

Peel apart a cigarette “butt” or filter and you will find what looks just like fiberglass insulation. That’s right, this is glass “wool,” not some sponge wrapped up tight. If it were just paper and say, cotton, it would break up and dissolve after a few rainstorms if left outside. These microscopic “glass” shards collect in the lungs and damage soft tissue called epithelial. Also known as ground glass opacity, it shows up on CT scans:

Learn more:

Keep Truckin…see you tomorrow…Day 6

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