Smoke Free-Day 6

30 Day Smoke Free-Day 6

smoke free-day 6


Almost a week in, how do you feel? Have you noticed in your daily notebook how much you have cut down? We should be down to 1/2 of our original amount by tomorrow, the end of week one. So let’s keep putting off that cigarette and saying, “NOT RIGHT NOW!!”

Instead of smoking: 
  • Brush your teeth- When you feel the urge, brush your teeth. When you are finished, your mouth will feel clean and the urge will be gone!
  • Cuddle- Getting the urge to smoke can make you feel helpless and wanting to give in. Instead, plop on the couch and cuddle with someone you love! Home alone? Grab a teddy bear or a pillow!! After all, it’s the thought that counts!
  • Chew Gum- I was never a gum chewer before, but now, for some reason I think I look hot while I’m chewing gum. Don’t ask me why….maybe because it isn’t a cig!
  • Play- Play with your kids, play video games, play with the dog, play with your self. I don’t care…just take enjoyment in doing something else for a few…
  • Treat yourself- Every cigarette that you don’t smoke should be celebrated. Treat yourself to something you enjoy!
Keep tracking every cigarette and what triggered it.

 I know this may seem dumb to keep having to record every cigarette but I promise, there is a point. I know by now you can see a pattern in the length of time you hold out, and what triggers them. 

The point of doing this is to recognize the reason why you smoke and find a better alternative. 

Break out the notebook and answer this:

“Were you ever embarrassed about smoking or being a smoker? “

Trivia: Why do cigarettes burn so hot, so evenly and never go out in heavy wind?

Cellulose acetate, used to manufacture photo film, is carefully cross weaved into the papers. That’s one reason cigarettes don’t go out in the wind, and they burn evenly, never trailing up one side. Consider also why cigarettes burn at 1700 degrees during inhale. Have you seen the movie “Inglorious Bastards?” Photo film is highly flammable. This is an “efficient nicotine delivery device” (ENDD is the acronym – appropriately). This means you’re smoking plastic. 

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