Smoke Free-Day 7

30 Day Smoke Free-Day 7

Smoke Free-Day 7

Awesome, one week down!!! Let’s take a look back at our tracking from yesterday. Count how many you smoked? By now you should be down to half of what you smoked on Day 1. Not quite there? Work on that today. 

Believe it or not, getting down to half your normal is the easiest part of this. Remember, we are working our way down to NONE by Day 30.

Instead of smoking: 
  • Make a Treat List- Remember I said yesterday that you should treat yourself? How about using an urge to list what treats you could give yourself?
  • Play an online game- I don’t even know how many hundreds of games Facebook has. Find one that looks fun and get started! Let’s just hope this doesn’t raise another addiction! However, if it does, it is still healthier than smoking and much easier to quit!
  • Put your Jams on early and just relax- Sometimes we get caught up and our day and need a break from the norm. Put on your comfy evening clothes early and just relax for a bit.
  • Write- I hope the writing prompts I give you each day help you. The purpose is to get your mind thinking about the addiction head on, but it can also be used to fight an urge. 
  • Finish a project- Have you started something but never finished it? Fight through a craving by working on your project. Even if you worked on only when you had an urge to smoke, you would still get it done in great time!
Keep tracking your smokes and urges. 
Today, I want you to write about:

“What scares you about quitting?” If you haven’t thought about this before, really sit and think. It may sound silly at first, but quitting something you used as a clutch for so many years can be scary. 

For me, I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like without smoking. It was such a big part of everything I had done. But in thinking back, it won’t hindered everything it was a part of, not helped. 

Trivia: Why do the pills, the patch, and nicotine gum fail so many?

They are nothing like what a smoker is going through after quitting, or while quitting, and they don’t wean you properly. The patch and the gum give you about 5 percent of the dose of nicotine commercial cigarettes provide, so the whole quitting system is flawed from the beginning. The pills can block your hormones and dopamine, leading to feelings of suicide. People don’t usually like that.

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Let’s get to week 2- Day 8!


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