Smoke Free-Day 8

30 Day Smoke Free-Day 8: 

Smoke Free-Day 8

So, after 1 week, how do you feel? Hopefully more confident than on Day 2 when you began holding out instead of smoking. Remember: “NOT RIGHT NOW!!”

Instead of smoking: 
  • Paint something- Painting gives you something to focus on. Even if you aren’t artistically inclined, paint anyway. If you don’t want to go buy paint, make some. Research online a how-to. This gives you something else to do! Win/win
  • Smile- I know first hand how angry you can get when not smoking. Whenever you feel angry, look in the mirror and just smile. For no reason at all, just smile.
  • Make a list- write down the pros and cons of smoking. The results will amaze you.
  • Pictures- Browse the internet and look at those nasty smoking pictures. While I will admit that scare tactics don’t work, those pictures are just disgusting.
  • Find a hobby- I had a whole list of things I wanted to do or learn to do but never felt I had the time. Now we do. Even for only 5 minutes at a time. Find something that makes you happy.
Keep tracking the smokes and the triggers. Remember, you should be down by 1/2.
Break out the notebook and write:

“Make a list of your favorite foods to snack on. Fruits and veggies are best because you may be snacking a lot.” 


Trivia: What government agencies regulate the potency of nicotine? 

Nobody regulates it. That’s part of the problem. Even if they did, they can’t measure the real POTENCY of the nicotine after ammonia has been added to “free base” the vapor ready “nic fix.” Have you ever read how many milligrams of nicotine you’re getting? Take a look on the box and the carton, there’s no information.

Let’s move on to Day 9>

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