Smoke Free-Day 9

30 Day Smoke Free-Day 9

Smoke Free-Day 9

We are on a roll. One day at a time. Keep pushing and holding out. Really focus on the “instead of”. It is really important to feel the urge and find a way around it. I really hate to tell you but these urges will be with you always. They only get easier as time passes. So do not give up and don’t give in, get through it. 

Instead of smoking: 
  • Photos- break out old photos. It can be fun to take a trip down memory lane. Also, look for any photos of you smoking-Do you look as cool as you felt at the time? If you can, take a sharpie and black out the cigarette! Keep those in your notebook you write in everyday.
  •  Take some new pictures- Take pictures of the new smoke-free you! You are well on your way and you should celebrate by taking pictures of you not smoking!
  • Sing- I don’t care if you can sing or not. Crank up the tunes and sing, sing, sing.
  • Write a letter- Write a letter to someone you care about. You don’t even have to mail it. 
  • Clean out- clean out closets or drawers. Remember you only need about 5 minutes at a time. So if you don’t like to clean, just clean while you have an urge to smoke.
Remember to write down every smoke and what triggered that smoke!
Break out the notebook and write:

How do you feel smoking as held you back from enjoying life? Do you think non smokers are happier, in general, than smokers?


Trivia: Why do cigarette manufacturers use ammonia when making cigarettes? 

For a faster hit! Ammonia-treated nicotine allows the nicotine fix to reach the heart and the brain within three SECONDS. This is why people like “certain brands” so much. Even e-cigs can keep someone addicted to nicotine, and sometimes MORE of it. The stimulant relieves the smoker of the chemical hangover – the HOOK. This goes highly unregulated.

Learn more:


Until tomorrow…..Day 10

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