Little Black Dress Challenge

30 Day Little Black Dress Challenge

I am not into fitness. I should be; but after running after 4 kids all day, I feel like I have gotten some exercise in. Having said that, after having 4 kids, there are some spots that really do need some toning. Now I don’t like to exercise, let me just put that out there. I don’t like feeling sore and miserable the next day. And I never know what day to do what exercise. There are rules, you know, to what muscle groups you can work together and when you should rest them. All very confusing to me. 

So I searched to a small exercise plan with great benefit. Since I am out of shape when it comes to using particular muscles, I needed to something that would work those muscles without causing me to be out of breath and sore. I found a great on over at They have all kinds of fitness challenges, however most of them pertain to either one set of muscle groups or are for more advanced exercisers.

In looking for a fitness challenge, I wasn’t looking to build muscles or look great in a bikini for summertime. I was happy with looking tone in a nice dress. Again, not looking for a miracle, just a little motivation. 


So I picked the Little Black Dress Challenge and did it last month. Since I have weak muscles, I actually cut the amounts in half. Believe me, even though I started off slow, I felt it. The squats and burpees are tough. I was so happy for the rest days every four days. Here is the challenge and the links to the exercises. And because the Little Black Dress Challenge starts of slow, you are only exercising a few minutes and then built up from there. I really hope this benefits you as well! Just remember to start small and drink lots of water. 

Little Black Dress Challenge

This site also has some great recipes to help with the Little Black Dress Challenge. Exercise alone won’t burn all fat so it helps to eat a balanced diet along with it. 

Happy Exercising!!!

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