I Don’t Want To Cook Today

How many times have you said, ” I don’t want to cook today?”

I don’t even know how many times this has crossed my mind. I don’t even like to cook. This came as a huge shock to my teenager. “But you do it all the time!” Why, yes I do, but only because my family would starve if I didn’t.

So it is safe to say that I get “burned out” quickly. If it wasn’t for my meal plans, I would probably buy quick fix stuff, only to complain later about my grocery bill. I digress.

Bottom line, we all go through this at some point. So what do we do?

Take the easy way out…

Go to store and buy what I like to call, “fend for yourself food”. These are foods that your spouse or older children can fix for dinner.


Prep a few meals ahead of time to keep in the freezer. Allow yourself a night or two to not cook. Casseroles and soups are great for the freezer. Basically everything is already cooked, you only need to bake until hot. Same concept as the items you are spending buku bucks for at the store. I have a few great freezer meal recipes here!

The jobs of the stay-at-home mom are difficult, and often stressful. However, the coolest part, if you don’t feel like fulfilling one of the jobs, you don’t have to. (i.e. cooking)

Maybe time for a change….

If you find this happening a lot, you may just be in a slump; which is normal. Doing anything day in and day out can get too routine and you feel you need time off from it. So plan it! Take a week off! Plan, the week before, simple things to satisfy your family for a week. Let them know, Chef is taking the week off! 

During this week, you need to fix this dinner slump so it doesn’t keep happening. Here are some suggestions: 

  • Hit the books: Take this time off to revamp your menus. Find new recipes to add to your repertoire! Sometimes just finding new recipes that excite you will help you get back in the kitchen!
  • Involve the whole family: Remember, cooking dinner doesn’t have to be a solo duty! Have kids help in the kitchen or set the table. Teach older kids how to cook a meal so each time you have it for dinner, they cook for you!
  • Make it fun: Even if you are alone in the kitchen! Play some music and dance your way around while cooking!
  • Splurge sometimes: Refigure your grocery budget to make room to splurge on one special item you wouldn’t normally buy. It can be something exotic or just simply something new for your family. Research how to prepare it, and get excited about trying new things!
  • Fix a “hands on” meal: Prepare meals that everyone actually fixes themselves. It can be Pizza, tacos, Hobo Dinners, or similar. All Mom has to do is cut up the veggies, or delegate some help, then everyone fixes what they want!
  • Spice up your life: If you normally use just the basic spices, or hardly none at all, it could be you aren’t sure what spice is best for what purpose. Do a little research and some experimenting. Sometimes a little bold, makes it better!

*It is easy to fall into a routine and one day you just don’t want the routine. So it is important to change things up often to avoid this happening. 

**Tomorrow we are going to talk about lunches-to-go!

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Happy Thursday!!!


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Cook Today”

  1. Question about hobo dinners . . . basically putting everything (meat, potatoes, veggies) in foil and cooking it, right? I’ve seen this done over a campfire. Do you do it at home in the oven? I think my kids would enjoy making that for dinner one night. 🙂

    1. Yes, we put them in the oven for about an hour. My kids love this! They get to put whatever they want and makes it super easy for mom, too! Cleanup is easy because they are eating right out of the foil wrap. Great family fun and teaches kids a little about cooking! Let me know how it turns out for your family!

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