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Life Journal

I was lucky enough to be involved with a great group of bloggers. It is important as a blog writer that you often read other blogs, not only for inspiration, but for support. Where as the writing aspect can be easy (if you love to write and share); the finding readers part can be difficult. 

Anyway….I was reading blog posts the other day and I stumbled upon an amazing idea. One of those ideas that you so wish you would have found it sooner. It is the life journal.

What is a Life Journal?

A life journal is not just a daily journal that you write in every day. It is filled with anything and everything about your life. Pictures, cards, quotes, special moments; literally whatever is a part of your life, you include. 

I love to keep cards and little mementos from special moments. A ticket stub, a receipt, a flyer; anything to help me remember a special moment in my life. I have boxes of them. I have boxes from my girls growing up and all the special items from their life. I have a box of special items from the time my husband and I got together. 

Now since I am starting this in my mid-thirties, it wouldn’t make sense to try to back-date my journal. So I will begin this year, and scrapbook the previous years. (Which I will talk about next week.) 

How I began.

For the outside cover, I just designed a fancy “My Life Journal” on Word, printed, and glued. Then I used some old holiday cards and cut out flowers, hearts, and anything else I liked that was on the cover of the card. It is a nice collage of things that make me happy!

On the first page, I thought, since I can’t actually go back through my whole life, I would write things about me that may be of interest to my girls when they get older. I included addresses I’ve lived, jobs I have held, my parents birthdays, my girls’ birthdays, and my anniversary. Plus I can continue to add to it as I go. 

I then found a few mementos that I had saved from this year and got to glueing! This is very exciting and I can’t wait to fill up this life journal and start a new one. I am hoping to continue doing this for the rest of my life. 

Why I think this is important

When my mom passed away, I held onto every picture she had, every note she wrote, grocery lists, etc. I really wish I had a more indepth view of my mother. What she thought, how she felt, and how she really dealt with different situations. 

That is why I am so excited about starting this Life Journal. In 50 years I want my girls to be able to look back and truly see my life and share the joys that they were too young to realize. This will be my legacy that I pass onto them. My life is not fancy, or exotic, or very interesting to the average outsider looking in. However, my girls will get it, understand it, and cherish it when they are ready. 

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