House cleaning as a workout plan?

I will admit, my first three years as a stay-at-home mom, I was lazy. I had 2 babies within  two years. I stayed in my pajama pants most of the time. I didn’t care how I looked. Then one day, I actually looked at myself and was very disgusted at how I looked and felt. I was out of shape and out of life. But who had time to workout?

So I am sitting on the couch, rocking my baby. My back hurt from rocking, but I for her sake I couldn’t stop. So I sat up straight, tightened up my belly and rocked side to side. Aha! Ab crunches! Talk about multi-tasking! 

This got me thinking…. What else am I already doing that I could incorporate into a workout program? Cleaning house…of course! 

  1. When vacuuming you should use your arm, back and abdominal muscles to propel the vacuum back and forth over the carpet.
  2. When loading the dishwasher, maintain good posture as you are bending and straightening and keep your abs tight.
  3. Scrubbing floors, cleaning a bathtub, gardening and mowing the yard are also some household chores that burn some of those extra calories.
  4. Do some squats when you are picking up items off of the floor, and make sure to tighten your butt on the way back up.
  5. Remember the Karate Kid? Wash the windows using the wax-on-wax-off routine. It works!
  6. Walk, jog, or stretch when you are waiting for the dinner to cook, the laundry to finish up, or for your child to get out of practice. Meal preparations and laundry are also great times for some light weight strength training. Just pick up your small child and get to work on those muscles.
  7. Play with your kids! Not only are you giving some of that much-needed attention to your children, a simple game of tag at the park is a great way to exercise and burn calories. Physical activity doesn’t have to be tortured, and with this technique it can be fun for the whole family.
  8. The idea here is to be conscious of the way you hold yourself and how your muscles are contracting and relaxing during these activities.

I will even go the extra mile sometimes and sweep the carpets with a broom. This really works your arms and abs. Just remember to stay tight and breathe. Put some music on while you are cleaning and this will amp up your “workout”!!

So next time you are picking up toys or mopping the floor…tighten up!!


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Until tomorrow, 

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!