Aldi Price Book

My #1 tool, my Aldi Price Book!

There are so many things I wanted to get done before I went back to work at the end of this week. Instead, I get a bad cold. Figures…. So, I feel like crap and don’t feel like doing anything. Today has been the worst day so far. Still, I press on…

Luckily I was able to get a few things marked off my list last week. One of them was updating my price book. I started this a couple of years ago and even though I still use it, I hadn’t really updated it in a very long time. I shop at Aldi’s every week so many of the prices are embedded into my brain. Since I am updating my meal plans, (and working on new ones), I figured it would be a good idea to update my Aldi price book so I could have accurate grocery amounts each week. 

I grab my Aldi receipts from the past few months and opened my Excel file to start making adjustments. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that most of the prices didn’t need to be changed at all. Only a small handful of the prices went up, while several of them went down in price! Yet, another reason why I love Aldi! I have also been experimenting with new recipes lately so I had new items to add to my book!

This Aldi price book is so helpful. When I make my meal plan for the following couple of weeks, I make my grocery list of whatever I don’t have on hand to make those meals. Then I use my price book to figure out how much my grocery trip will cost me! This way, I can easily take the amount of cash I need and not over spend. This has saved me a lot of money at the grocery store. Especially when the girls go with me! It is much easier to say “no” to them (and yourself) when you don’t have the cash to overspend! 

As much as I love Aldi, they do have what I call a “Wal-Mart section”. In the middle of the store they have several household items at very low prices. They carry seasonal items, decorating items, auto and maintenance, kitchen appliances, and tons of other stuff that scream “Pick me, pick me”! You all know how you can’t just go to into Wal-mart and only purchase the one thing you went there for. Well, it is hard to go into Aldi and just buy the groceries on your list! That middle section really grabs your attention!! So, only taking the cash you need for what is on your list really comes in handy! Avoiding impulse buys is a great way to save money!

Here is the exciting part!

Since I am so grateful to my followers for being so supportive and staying by my side, I am going to send you my beloved Aldi Price Book! Simply subscribe to my blog (using the pop-up or enter your email over to the right) and I will be more than happy to email it to you!! It is a simple Excel file so you can add your grocery items to it as well! If you are struggling to get your grocery bill on a tighter budget, this tool will definitely help you do just that!

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And I haven’t forgotten about those already  subscribed! Leave a comment below and I will be sure to send you one out as well!! Everyone should have a price book in their back pocket!!!


Aldi Price Book

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!