Weekly Meal Plan-Week 12

Weekly meal plan-Week 12: 

You can view your free weekly meal plan with recipes and grocery list here: Meal Plan Week 12

What’s on the menu for this week?

                 Breakfast         Lunch
Monday              Crepes Meatball Sliders
Tuesday          Morning Glory Casserole Honey Chicken Kabobs
Wednesday French Bread Scramble Grilled cheese w/ apples
Thursday Bisquick Sausage Balls Taco Potatoes
Friday Border Scramble Chicken Patties
Saturday Easy Breakfast Loaf Chicken Rice Bake
Sunday CP Sausage Breakfast Rolled Apple Pork



                       Snack           Dessert
Monday Trail Mix Kettle Corn Carrot/Zucchini Bars
Tuesday PB and Banana Waffles Cookies n cream Cheesecake
Wednesday Chex Mix CP Brownies
Thursday Fruit Dip Saltine PB Fudge
Friday Apple Nachos Srwbrry white choco
Saturday Pizza Rollups Cherry filled White Cake
Sunday Snack Tray Dessert bar



Monday SC Chicken Parmesan        Pasta        Green Beans             Pears
Tuesday SC Beef Stroganoff  Egg Noodles       Carrots               Fruit Cocktail 
Wednesday Chicken Fried Steak      Mashed Potatoes        Corn           Peaches
Thursday CP Pineapple Chicken         Fried Rice   Egg Drop Soup
Friday CP Chicken Cordon Bleu    Baked Potatoes                  Fruit on hand
Saturday CP Ravioli Casserole           Bread Sticks                           Peaches
Sunday YOYO

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