Weekly Meal Plan-Week 15

Weekly meal plan-Week 15: 

You can view your free weekly meal plan with recipes and grocery list here: Meal Plan Week 15


Here is what’s on this Weekly Meal Plan!

                 Breakfast         Lunch
Monday              Pancake Pizza Ramen Beef Skillet
Tuesday          Oatmeal Bread Chicken Salad Wraps
Wednesday Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Cookies Chicken Parma Crescents
Thursday Applesauce Jumbles Corn and Cheese Pasta
Friday Breakfast Cake Muffins Skillet Pizza
Saturday Fried Eggs and Toast Chicken Spaghetti
Sunday French Toast Mini Pizzas



                       Snack           Dessert
Monday Choco Pumpkin Donuts Bisquick Choco Chip Cookies
Tuesday Funnel Cakes Strawberry Shortcake
Wednesday Bruschetta Chocolate Cake
Thursday Nacho Cheese Bites Coconut Pineapple Cake
Friday Crispy Onion Rings Choco Caramel Bars
Saturday Corn Dog Muffins Peach Crisp
Sunday Snack Tray Dessert Tray



Monday  Chicken Roll-ups   Celery        Roasted Potatoes               Peaches
Tuesday CP Lasagna Soup                   Salad      Breadsticks              Pears
Wednesday Ham Balls           Mashed Potatoes              Corn        Fruit Cocktail
Thursday 5 Layer Meal                 Salad                  butter bread        oranges
Friday Skillet Dinner                Sweet Carrots              Pineapple
Saturday Bacon Mushroom Dijon Chicken            baked potato       Rolls                  
Sunday YOYO

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