Weekly Meal Plan- Week 16

Weekly meal plan-Week 16: 

Each week I will bring you a new weekly meal plan, along with the recipes and shopping list to help you with meal planning. I have found that planning your meals ahead of time, saves so much time and money in the long run, it is very worth it! It also answers the daily question of, “What’s for dinner, Mom?”

You can view your free weekly meal plan with recipes and grocery list here: Meal Plan Week 16

Here is what’s on the menu for this week!

                 Breakfast         Lunch
Monday              Omelet Bagels Baked Potato w/ bacon
Tuesday          Bacon Quiche Chicken Salad Toast
Wednesday Cheesy O’Brien Egg & Pepperoni Sandwich
Thursday ABC Melt Double Dipper Eggs
Friday Baked Egg in Tomato Turkey Club
Saturday Banana Chip Pancakes Chili-Cheese Dog Pizza
Sunday Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich Pizza Pretzels



                       Snack           Dessert
Monday Creamy Bacon Dip Banana Fritters
Tuesday Taco Pinwheels Crumb Cake
Wednesday Apple Pie Bites Creme Filled Cookies
Thursday Pepp-n-Cheese Crescent Honey Graham Cookies
Friday Cauliflower Blossoms Choco Chip Cookies
Saturday Stuffed Cheese Bread Rainbow Cookie Pie
Sunday Snack Tray Dessert Bar



Monday Mozzarella Chicken        Broccoli Cheese      Biscuits   Fruit
Tuesday Beef Biscuit Casserole                Salad                            Apples
Wednesday Oven Baked fajita                  Spanish Rice                        Fruit  
Thursday Bacon Cheeseburger Spaghetti      Fried Zucchini               Fruit
Friday Ham Loaf w/o Ham     Mashed Potatoes          Corn             Fruit
Saturday Stuffed Chicken Breasts       Parmesan Potatoes  Bread    Fruit
Sunday YOYO


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