Weekly Meal Plan-Week 17

Weekly meal plan-Week 17: 

You can download your free weekly meal plan with recipes and grocery list here: Meal Plan Week 17


Here is what’s on the menu for this weekly meal plan: 

                 Breakfast         Lunch
Monday              Breakfast Coffee Cake Crunchy Tuna Wrap
Tuesday          Berries n cream French toast Crab and Noodle Soup
Wednesday Potato and Cheddar Hash Fried Banana Bread
Thursday Sausage Patties Chicken and Potato Fry
Friday Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes Chili Mac
Saturday Sausage scramble and cheese Cheesy Tuna Mac
Sunday Sweet Potato Waffles Meatball Subs



                       Snack           Dessert
Monday Zucchini Pancakes Smooth and creamy salad
Tuesday Dessert Sandwich Toffee Nut Cake
Wednesday Sugar Apples Strawberry Mousse
Thursday Cucumber Snack Fried Ice Cream
Friday Macaroni Salad Pumpkin Bars
Saturday Afghan Biscuits Cookies and Cream Cake
Sunday Snack Tray Dessert Bar



Monday Pizza Meatloaf          Mashed Potatoes          Biscuits
Tuesday Chicken Paprika            Rice Pilaf          Broccoli                   Fruit
Wednesday Tuna Cheese Twist           Mint Peas                                Fruit
Thursday Loaded Chicken Bake         Corn       Biscuits                     Fruit
Friday Tomato Soup in Bread Bowls            Salad                   Fruit
Saturday Upside Down Pizza                        Broccoli                         Fruit
Sunday YOYO


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