Weekly Meal Plan-Week 6

Weekly Meal Plan 6

You can download the Menu, grocery list, and recipes here: 

Meal Plan week 6

What’s on the Menu?


                 Breakfast         Lunch
Monday              Hard-boiled Eggs Frito Pie
Tuesday          French Toast Waffles Bacon Dog Mac
Wednesday Country Hash browns Apple Ham Waffle wiches
Thursday Potato sausage Omelet Chicken and Mushroom
Friday Cereal PB&J w/ Applesauce
Saturday Velvet Eggs and Herbs Crescent Roll Calzones
Sunday Chocolate Waffles Cheese corn dog bake

Weekly Meal Plan Week6


                       Snack           Dessert
Monday Cinnamon-Sugar Sticks Strawberry Pie
Tuesday PB Grab and Go Bars Chocolate Delights
Wednesday Honey Tortillas W/ yogurt Chocolate Pie
Thursday Potato Fritters Choco Chip Cookies
Friday Cocktail Dogs Coffee Cake
Saturday Sweet Tortillas Banana Bread
Sunday Snack Tray Dessert Bar



Monday Zucchini Parmesan                    Salad       Breadsticks       Peaches
Tuesday CP No peeking, Peking Chicken      Lo Mein Noodles        Eggrolls
Wednesday Chicken Marinara W/Angel Hair      Steamed Broccoli   Rolls  Pears
Thursday Crunch wrap Supreme Spanish Potatoes        Cinn./Sugar Strips
Friday Salisbury Steak          Mashed Potatoes       Green beans  Rolls
Saturday Mac-n-cheese Casserole      Cole Slaw            Fries               Apples
Sunday YOYO

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